Vítejte ve světě dubových lidiček
Vítejte ve světě dubových lidiček
Vítejte ve světě dubových lidiček
Vítejte ve světě dubových lidiček
Vítejte ve světě dubových lidiček
Welcome to the world of Acorn Elves (Dubanci)
Vítejte ve světě dubových lidiček
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Latest news from the world of Acorn elves

  • New acorn elves calendars for 2023

    Zazzle calendar with acorn elves

    Just like every year, I have prepared new calendars with the best photos I have taken in the past 12 months. On the Czech e-shop you can find 3 different types of calendars – desk, wall, family planning, but all of them are in Czech language: If you are interested in a calendar in English…

  • English-French book: Acorn Elves / Le peuple des chênes

    Nouveau livre avec des photos de lutins à gland - version collector exclusive

    In mid-September 2022, a new book with full-page photographs of acorn elves will be published by OMAKE books in France: Acorn Elves – the lovely creatures from Petr Václavek. The whole book is bilingual – French and English, has 160 pages and besides the 155 photos of the acorn elves with captions it also contains…

  • Reading diploma with acorn elf

    Čtenářský diplom

    Since March is the month of books and readers, I have prepared a diploma template with a reading theme and an acorn elf of course! Everything can be edited and rewritten. You can use the template completely free of charge – for non-commercial purposes only! Template for download PPTX with editable text – powerpoint format, in…

  • Acorn elf gingerbread cookie cutters

    Last year I decided to make my own cutouts for Christmas gingerbread cookies. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a 3D printer at the time, but as a DIYer I managed. First, I fortified myself with a beer and then I cut up the can and made a primitive cookie cutter out of it. Maybe a small…

  • New book – Acorn elf and secret message

    Dubánek a tajný vzkaz

    Next year, a new book will be published for the Acorn elves, written by children’s book writer Klára Smolíková. The book will be for beginning readers, more precisely for first graders. It will be published by Triton. It will be given exclusively to this year’s school first graders on the occasion of their readers graduation (if their…

  • Inktober 2021

    Just like last year, I decided to do an acorn elves inktober (a global challenge for graphic artists who all draw a drawing on one specified one-word theme every day in October and then share their creation on social media), I called it oaktober – so I will draw the themes of inktober, but in…

  • Plant your own oak tree at home!

    It’s not complicated, you hardly need anything and you’ll have fun for a long time – watering the oak tree and watching it grow is a pleasant affair. Anyone can do it, read how the acorn elf went about it.

  • Acorn elves diploma and colouring book template

    It’s getting close to the time of outdoor schools and summer camps, so I’ve finally prepared a template for a acorn elves diploma so you can reward your kids in style. At the request of a fan, I also made it as a coloring page – so the kids can color their diploma accordingly. In addition…

  • Acorn elves Inktober 2020

    Dubánčí inktober 2020

    I’ve participated in Inktober (a global challenge for graphic designers who all draw a drawing on a given one-word theme every day in October and then share their creation on social media) several times (you can peep my Inktober creations from 2017, 2018 and 2019), but this year I decided to make acorn elves the…

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